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The 2018 Lithgow Show Lawn Mower Racing Competition

17th March 2018

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever lawn mower race! On the Saturday of our show we have engaged Showmow Racing Australia to host a lawn mower racing competition that you can be a part of!

Lawn mowers are a part of most everyone’s life. If you have a large area of ground, then it usually means a ride-on mower is in the garage. Ride-on mowers are a very real part of the Australian rural way of life, but a new way has been developed to add a whole lot of fun to the humble ride-on mower.... RACING... Showmow Racing Australia are an organisation that specialise in running lawn mower races at country shows throughout Australia


The classes in the Lithgow Show Lawn Mower race will be:-

All entries in each class MUST comply with the Showmow Racing Competition Regulations that can be downloaded here. Prior to your entry being accepted your mower will be checked by a scrutineer using this form

How Can I Enter?

As the Lithgow Show Lawn Mower racing competition will be managed by Showmow Racing Australia, you must be a financial member of their organisation to participate in the competition. Its very simple to join, click here to download their entry form. Once you are a financial member of Showmow then you may enter the Lithgow Show Lawn Mower racing competition by downloading an entry form by clicking here

For more information please contact our Lawn Mower racing Co-ordinator Rob on 0427 063 276 or by email