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Lithgow Show Showgirl Competition

The Lithgow Senior Showgirl competition

Each year Lithgow Show Society holds a Senior Showgirl competition to find young woman to act as an ambassador for the Lithgow Region.

The competition is open to all girls aged between 18 and 25 years. Young ladies are invited to participate in this fantastic opportunity to represent the Lithgow Show and the Lithgow district.

The girls participate in an interview of about 15 to 20 minutes. This is not a beauty contest, the aim of the competition is to find the best person to represent the Lithgow area. There will be questions on the local area and general knowledge of what is currently going on in the world, so it is a good idea to keep up with the TV news and the newspapers in the week leading up to your interview.

The judging for the 2017 Lithgow Showgirl Competition will be held day two of Lithgow Show Saturday 18th March 2017.

There is an entry fee of $20 which can be paid by you, or your work might like to sponsor your entry into the competition.

If you are selected as a Zone Final Winner you are awarded a week in Sydney for the judging of The Land Royal Easter Showgirl. That week you are wined and dined at events all over Sydney.

There are many great prizes for the competition winners donated by local and other businesses. The winners will be announced after the judging is completed

How Can I Enter?

Entries for the 2017 showgirl competition have now closed.

For further information on Senior Showgirl please contact us via our Contact page or phone Cassandra on (02) 6355 5526 or 0429 234 163.